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Raarha Meat

Raarha Meat


This dish is royal and extravagant in every way. It is a double whammy of meat – chopped up mutton leg and minced mutton, and needs to be made with a lot of love and a little bit of effort. I added some mutton chops to bring in more flavor to the dish, cooked slowly and patiently with whole spices – black cardamom, green cardamom, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, cloves, whole black peppercorns, cumin seeds and Kashmiri red chillies.


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Mass Ke Sule

Maas Ke Sule

A Rajasthani specialty Kabab ….. can be made from lamb, chicken, any kind of game (wild boar, venison, partridge, sand grouse) and even fish. There are many ways of making Sule, some are very simple and others are exotic. Here I have prepared Lamb Ke Sule following an exotic recipe of mine

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Gulab Jamun

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Tandoori Tiger Shrimps with Brown Clam Shell Pulao   Leave a comment

Tandoori Shrimps

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(Red/Fiery Hot Meat Curry)

(Red/Fiery Hot Meat Curry)

Laal Maas is a traditional Rajasthani dish, made with goat/lamb and mostly accompanied with Bajra Ki Roti (Pearl millet flat bread). Laal Maas gets it’s name from the huge quantity of dry red chillies used to prepare the dish. If you use the recommended amount of chillies, the dish can get very very hot. So the secret is to substitute half of the fiery-hot chillies with dry kashmiri chillies. Kashmiri chillies impart the bright red color with little heat.

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Chicken Seekh Kabab on Rumali Roti   Leave a comment

Chicken Seekh Kabab1
This Seekh Kabab is made of ground chicken, mixed with spices and herbs and then press moulded on metal skewers, cooked over charcoal in tandoor. The Rumali Roti is soft and thin like handkerchief. This flat bread is made from a mix of whole wheat flour and all purpose flour and is baked on an inverted skillet. Rumal means handkerchief and Rumali Roti means Handkerchief Bread.

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Stuffed Bell Peppers   1 comment

Stuffed Bell peppers

Who doesn’t love bell peppers right, especially the red, yellow and green ones stuffed with potatoes tempered with cumin seeds and fresh cilantro. This dish is a meal in itself as it incoporates your protein, starch and veggies.You can also stuff these with variety of fillings like ground beef or ground chicken topped with cheese. Bell peppers are high in vitamin C but one large Red bell peppers has three times more vitaminsC and nutrients then orange bell pepper.

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